Nurturing Purity: The Gir Cows of Cow to Kitcchen

Our Gir cows are not just animals; they are the heartbeat of Cow to Kitcchen. These happy, grass-fed beings roam freely on the lush fields of Meerut, providing us with nutrient-rich A2 milk. We believe that the well-being of our cows translates directly into the quality of our A2 ghee.

We prioritize a stress-free and natural environment for our cows, ensuring their happiness and health. This humane approach results in milk that is not only rich but also carries the essence of the care our cows receive. Your journey with our A2 ghee starts with the contentment of our Gir cows.

Experience the difference that happy cows make; choose Cow to Kitcchen for a culinary adventure that begins with the well-being of our cherished Gir cows.

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