Embarking on the Journey: Cow to Kitcchen’s Authentic Process

At Cow to Kitcchen, our journey begins with our beloved Gir cows, the heart of our endeavor. These happy, grass-fed beings graze freely on the lush fields of Meerut, providing us with nutrient-rich A2 milk. We take pride in using the Bilona method, an age-old art of churning, to craft our A2 ghee. This hands-on approach preserves the natural integrity of our product, creating a culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Our process is a symphony of tradition and innovation. From the wooden churners to the clay pots used for clarification, each step is infused with care and dedication. We believe in transparency, inviting you to witness our farm without appointments. This openness reflects our confidence in the authenticity of our practices.

Join us on this journey from cow to kitcchen, where each jar of A2 ghee encapsulates the essence of tradition and purity. Your culinary experience deserves nothing less.

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