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Welcome to Cow to Kitcchen, where our commitment to excellence is rooted in a visionary approach. As stewards of Gir cows in Meerut, UP, we embrace a philosophy that extends beyond the conventional boundaries of business. Our vision is not merely to produce A2 ghee using the Bilona method; it’s about creating a sustainable ecosystem that enriches lives and fosters a deeper connection between nature and nourishment.

At Cow to Kitcchen, our vision is a testament to purity and authenticity. We proudly uphold the tradition of crafting A2 ghee with the utmost care and precision, employing the Bilona method without the interference of machinery. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, reflected in our lab-tested, FSSAI-approved, and preservative-free ghee that boasts a shelf life of one year.

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Why To Choose Us

Authenticity and Purity

Our A2 ghee, prepared using the Bilona method, is a testament to authenticity and purity. Lab-tested, FSSAI-approved.

Happy Grass-Fed Gir Cows

Our 80+ Gir cows graze freely on lush fields, ensuring they lead stress-free lives.

Community Empowerment

By choosing Cow to Kitcchen, you support a brand that actively contributes to rural employment in Meerut.

Transparent Practices

We welcome visitors to our farm without the need for appointments. Our transparent practices allow you to witness the Bilona method in action.


Customer love us

"Cow To Kitcchen's ghee has transformed my cooking. Its rich, creamy texture and authentic flavor make every dish feel like a warm hug from my grandmother."
"I'm amazed by the purity of Cow To Kitcchen ghee. Knowing that it's made using traditional methods and supports rural communities makes it even more special."
"I can taste the love and dedication in every spoonful of Cow To Kitcchen ghee. It's not just a product; it's a connection to the heart of farming."
"As a chef, I'm incredibly picky about ingredients. Cow To Kitcchen ghee has become my secret weapon for elevating the taste of my dishes."
"The aroma of Cow To Kitcchen ghee as it melts in the pan is irresistible. It's the essence of wholesome cooking and happy cows."
"Using Cow To Kitcchen ghee is like a culinary journey back in time. It adds a touch of tradition and authenticity to my meals."
"I've tried many ghees, but Cow To Kitcchen's stands out. It's a true delight for anyone who appreciates pure, organic goodness."
"My family's meals have become a celebration since we started using Cow To Kitcchen ghee. It's become a staple in our Kitcchen."
"Cow To Kitcchen ghee is a game-changer for my health-conscious lifestyle. It's organic and lab-certified, so I can enjoy it guilt-free."
"The personal touch and care that Cow To Kitcchen puts into their ghee is evident in every jar. It feels like a gift from nature."
"I feel a connection to the land and the people behind Cow To Kitcchen. Their ghee brings warmth and tradition to my table."
"I never knew ghee could be this good until I tried Cow To Kitcchens. It's become my favorite part of every meal."

Traditional Craftsmanship

At Cow to Kitcchen, we uphold the time-honored tradition of crafting our premium Gir Cow A2 Ghee using the revered Bilona method. This method involves hand-churning curd to separate butter, creating a connection to age-old practices that ensure the purest ghee.

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No Machinery, Only Heart

We take pride in the fact that no machinery is involved in the production of our ghee. Instead, we rely on the dedicated hands of skilled artisans, predominantly from villages. This not only preserves the authenticity of our ghee but also provides sustainable employment to rural communities.


Humanity in Every Drop

Our commitment to humanity and personal touch goes beyond just words. We consider everyone connected to us not as mere customers but as fellow human beings. This genuine care and connection are what drive us to provide the purest quality possible.


Emotions and Purity

Our ghee is not just a product; it's a labor of love. It embodies the feelings of happiness, the serenity of happy cows, and the purity of nature. Each jar carries with it the emotions of the artisans who craft it and the purity of organic, natural ingredients.


Certified and Compliant

Rest assured, our ghee meets the strict standards set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). We have lab certifications to validate the quality and purity of our ghee, ensuring you get the best of the best.


Mother Earth's Gift

We believe that every soul on Mother Earth deserves nothing but the purest quality. Our commitment to providing this extends beyond business; it's a reflection of our respect for the earth and all its inhabitants


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