Our process commences with our cherished Gir cows, the heart of our endeavor. These happy, grass-fed cows graze freely on the lush fields of Meerut, providing us with nutrient-rich A2 milk. Their well-being is paramount, ensuring the quality and richness of the milk they produce.

At the core of our process lies the Bilona method, an ancient artistry in churning that eschews machinery. The curd from our A2 milk is skillfully churned to separate butter from buttermilk. This hands-on approach preserves the natural integrity of the milk and results in the formation of wholesome white butter.

To further refine the white butter, we employ clay pots for clarification. The porous nature of these pots nurtures the flavor profile of our ghee, enhancing its richness and aroma. This step adds a unique touch, making each jar a distinct experience.

Our commitment to authenticity extends to the use of wooden implements. A wooden churner and stick are employed with precision, ensuring that the entire process remains a handcrafted endeavor. This meticulous approach imparts a touch of tradition to our ghee, setting it apart.

Quality assurance is integral to our process. Every batch of our A2 ghee undergoes rigorous lab testing to ensure that it meets the highest standards. This commitment to quality, backed by FSSAI approval, is our promise to deliver nothing but the best.

Our dedication to purity is further highlighted by the absence of preservatives. Cow to Kitcchen A2 ghee is free from artificial additives, allowing you to savor the pure goodness of each spoonful.

The final touch to our process is transparency. We welcome visitors to our farm without the need for appointments. This open-door policy reflects our confidence in the authenticity of our practices and invites you to witness the dedication infused into each step of our process.

Cow to Kitcchen’s process is not just about making ghee; it’s a symphony of tradition, innovation, and a commitment to delivering an unparalleled culinary experience. Join us on this journey, where each jar of A2 ghee carries the essence of a time-honored process, from the heart of the farm to the heart of your kitchen.


Our vision at Cow to Kitcchen extends beyond the realms of producing A2 ghee through traditional methods; it’s about fostering a global community that embraces authenticity, sustainability, and the essence of home. In line with the ‘Make in India’ concept, we envision our A2 ghee as an ambassador of Indian heritage, crafted with care from our happy Gir cows. This vision propels us to not only provide a pure and authentic product but to export the richness of our culture to every corner of the globe.

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At Cow to Kitcchen, our mission transcends the mere production of A2 ghee; it’s a commitment to embodying values that resonate with purity, sustainability, and community enrichment. Our mission is intricately woven into every jar of ghee we craft, reflecting our dedication to excellence and responsible practices. Our foremost mission is to deliver a product of uncompromised purity. our commitment to sustainability is embedded in our mission.

Premium Ghee

At Cow to Kitcchen, we are more than just a premium Gir Cow A2 ghee brand; we're a testament to generations of farming expertise and heartfelt dedication. Our story is a blend of tradition, humanity, and uncompromising quality.


Our ghee is born from the time-honored Bilona method, a cherished tradition passed down through the generations. This method ensures that our ghee is created with a personal touch, preserving its purity and taste.

Community Empowerment

We take immense pride in empowering rural communities by employing traditional techniques, providing jobs to villagers, and nurturing a sense of humanity in every aspect of our operations. Our commitment to these communities goes hand in hand with our dedication to producing the purest ghee.

Lab Certified Ghee

What sets us apart is our deep emotional connection with our customers. We see each individual not as a mere customer but as a fellow human being deserving of the finest quality. This sentiment is reflected in our lab-certified ghee, produced in adherence to FSSAI norms.

Organic Excellence

Our Gir cows are the heart and soul of our farm. We prioritize their well-being to ensure that you receive the most natural, organic, and flavorful ghee possible. This commitment to happy cows is a testament to our love for what we do.

Rooted Generations

As generations of farmers, we're rooted in the past, grounded in the present, and looking ahead to a future where everyone can savor the richness of tradition and the essence of humanity in every spoonful of Cow to Kitcchen ghee.

Our Story

Our story at Cow to Kitcchen is woven with a simple yet profound mission — to provide everyone with pure and authentic A2 ghee. In a world where many products are laden with preservatives and harmful substances, we stand apart by embracing a commitment to wholesome goodness.

Our journey begins with the heart of our endeavor, our cherished Gir cows. These happy, grass-fed beings roam freely on the lush fields of Meerut, providing us with nutrient-rich A2 milk. From this milk, we craft our ghee using the time-honored Bilona method, steering clear of machinery to maintain the natural integrity of our product.

What sets us apart is our dedication to transparency. We open our farm to all without the need for appointments, inviting you to witness the simplicity and authenticity that defines our process. Each jar of Cow to Kitchen A2 ghee is a result of a meticulous journey that embraces tradition, handcrafted precision, and a commitment to quality.

In a market saturated with products laden with additives, we take pride in delivering a product free from preservatives, artificial flavors, or harmful substances. Our ghee is lab-tested and FSSAI approved, ensuring that what you receive is not just a product but a promise of pure goodness.

At Cow to Kitcchen, our story is a testament to a timeless commitment — providing you with ghee that embodies the essence of purity. Join us on this journey where simplicity meets excellence, and every spoonful of our ghee carries the tradition of our farm to the warmth of your kitchen. It’s not just a product; it’s our story of delivering authenticity in every jar.

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